Latinx Research Week '22

Faculty research discussions

A week before Latinx Research Week, we will release videos by UM faculty in which they will present their amazing research. Then during our Faculty Research Discussion, student have the opportunities to ask select faculty more about their research, questions on how to find research positions, or any other burning questions. 

This is a great way to meet faculty outside of your department, network with faculty and generally find out more about the fascinating research being done at UM. 

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We are pleased to welcome the following faculty who will be joining us for Faculty Research Discussions:

For faculty bios and to watch recorded presentations, continue HERE

Oral Presentation Showcase

If you would like to present your own research, one option is to do an oral presentation via Zoom. You will have a 10 minute time slot to present and for the audience to ask questions. 

This is a great option for anyone that wants more experience with virtual presentations.

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Oral Presentation Schedule

Poster Session

The second presentation option is to create a poster to present your research at our poster session. During the event, you will stand by your poster and give brief presentations to anyone who stops by your poster. 

This will be excellent practice if you've never participated in a research symposium and is an opportunity to get feedback from both students and faculty both in your field and outside of it. 

For details about ALL student presentation topics, continue HERE