In Spanish, ‘Puentes’ means ‘Bridges’, we have chosen this name for our organization to represent our mission of creating bridges between Latinx graduate students, faculty, and the greater university. 

The mission of Puentes is to create an equitable space that centers the intersectional identities of incoming and current Latinx graduate students across schools, departments, and disciplines at U-M. We strive to foster a space of community, healing, and empowerment, where students feel supported and equipped to advocate for their needs and the needs of their community during and beyond their academic tenure at U-M. 

Puentes’ vision is to establish a central space for Latinx graduate students to learn about resources, funding opportunities, events, and other organizations that have a mission and vision similar to our own. We also aim to establish mentorship opportunities for current undergraduate Latinx students seeking to pursue graduate studies by partnering with La Casa to form an Undergraduate-Graduate student mentoring program. 

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